List of the site's news added May 18th, 2011

  • NEW RECORD! New smallest known magic square of 4th powers, by François Labelle, with:

François Labelle

    Photo of Jószef Dénes with Paul Erdös taken in summer 1990.
    Maybe discussing of their add-mult magic square problem? ;-)...

    Photo kindly provided by Donald A. Keedwell. This is probably the first published photo of Jószef Dénes!

    G4G October 21, 2010, Paris. Organized by François Dubois (Kafemath) and Pierre Berloquin.
    During this event, one of the lectures was on magic squares and cubes:
          Deux problèmes de Martin Gardner - Two Gardner's problems, one solved, one unsolved.
          PowerPoint file (1.5Mb) in French, by Christian Boyer.

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